Do you thank the whole Team?


I attended a team meeting yesterday and someone was giving feedback about a very successful group that she was part of. She highlighted how well previous group sessions had gone and how the current group was going from strength to strength.

She spoke of the great work that the Team are doing and the results that the social workers and the facilitators are achieving. The team is making the group interesting and she said how well the childcare workers were doing running a crèche enabling the parents to take part in the group. She spoke about the various outside agencies who had also had an input into the course and she also mentioned the volunteers who make big difference to the smooth running of the group and she showed her appreciation to the caretaker for all his hard work over the 6-week course.

She showed her thanks and appreciation to everyone within the team. It was both lovely to hear and so important. She thanked everyone single person that make it possible to have such a successfully run course. Thanking the caretaker was a credit to her, she showed that she appreciated every single person within the team, how many people would remember to thank the caretaker, or even the cleaners.

On this course the caretaker is very much part of the team. The course is carried out early evenings. He is the person that ensures that the building is open for everyone arriving, and the last to leave ensuring the building is safe before locking up. He is the one that ensures that the car park is lit up and safe and he is the one that ensures that everyone comes into a nicely well-lighted warm building and often goes out of his way to help others. His job description is endless.

We often look at the frontline staff and see them as the “team” but the team goes much deeper than what we actually see.

Think of a favourite film or television programme. Who stands out to you the most? More than likely the actors and actresses, perhaps the extra’s if they have cause to stick in your mind. It’s the people that we see that we think makes the film, the programme or the “Team” but watch the credits at the end, there are so many people involved in the making of them and without them there wouldn’t be a film or programme, the people in the credits are the ones that prop up the leaders, the actors, the people that we see as “The Team”

So next time you are in a meeting and like to thank your team for doing a good job please remember to thank the whole team and thank everyone who has been involved.



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National Receptionists Day

Today 8th May 2013 is National Receptionist Day



As a Receptionist you deserve the recognition for the hard work that you do on a daily basis.

So to all you Receptionists take a bow – you do a fantastic job. Well done.

For all you employers – have you thanked your Receptionists lately?