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Dementia is something many of us will come across, be it through our work, family, friends or personal circumstances.

For those of us that come across with through work it is important that you understand the needs of the dementia, to be aware or their needs – and just as important the needs of their carers.

I have witnessed this through family members and it takes it toll on the carer who in turn might become ill through the stresses of caring for the patient.

Unless you have ever experienced caring for someone with dementia it is so very hard to explain, every day living can be challenging and utterly exhausting.

I recently came across this excellent insight in what a small part of a patient suffering with dementia can experience, for me taking the test got me frustrated, I played it several times, being beaten every time, but just pause whilst you get frustrated and play it again, stop and think what it would be like to face challenges like this every day

Take the challenge        Bupa.webloc

How did you get on?

Whilst I cannot take credit for the game I would like to say done to Bupa for sharing this with us all and a small part of what life as a Dementia sufferer can be like.


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