Receptionist Training: Disability Awareness and their Signs

These are signs that you should have placed around your Surgery or place of work. Familiarise yourself with them and what they mean. REMEMBER they are to help people with a disability and should not be used or abused by able-bodied people.

                                                                  KNOW WHAT THEY MEAN!

There are many different signs that you can used. They come in many sizes and colours – but the most important thing is that the person that the sign is intended for is easily seen and placed in the appropriate places.

Here are the some of the  favored signs that you will see in all public areas.


This sign can be displayed in several places, from the main Reception area to the disabled toilets.


This lets visitors/patients know that your company have a hearing loop on the premises. Make sure you know where it is kept and how to operate it. This should be checked on a regular basis to ensure it is working   correctly.


If a visitor/patient has a sight problem and identifies this please inform the person that they are going in to see so they are aware.   Ask if they need assistance – especially when it comes to filling out any forms. If your company has a website does it have a facility for larger print for the visually impaired?


Only guide dogs are allowed into a Surgery. Try not to district the guide dog or allow people to crowd around the dog or the patient.


Your Surgery should have designated parking spaces for disabled people. These spaces must be for these people alone.


If your place of work has steps you should have a ramp for wheelchair users, and others that would find using steps difficult such as the elderly or people with pushchairs. Ensure that you have a sign displayed clearly.


You will usually find these signs in larger buildings such as hospital or Government buildings.

Some Health Authorities run courses on basis sign language for Doctors Receptionists to attend.



Important: A disability is not always visual.