The Importance of Confidentiality



Confidentiality training is necessary for any staff handling confidential information. Whether the information is about a patient, a GP or other member of the healthcare team, family or internal business or financial data, and volunteers. Everyone must understand how confidentiality is applied. Many organisations require mandatory confidentiality training at least annually or more frequent for positions that deal with sensitive data on a daily basis. Heads of Departments must understand the confidentiality policies and procedures of your organisation.


Confidentiality in the workplace is a growing issue for many small Practices.  With outlets such as Twitter and Facebook, it is easier than ever for employees to share work related stories online, and they may not even realise the potential harm they may be causing.  Ensure that you are fully aware of the Centre’s policy on adding pictures and information.

Whilst we are all bound by patient confidentiality there may be a time that for the safe wellbeing of a person or persons you may need to share information with another person in your Practice or with an outside agency. Guidelines should be set for this. If you are not aware of these guidelines speak to your Team Leader or Practice Manager.

Are you confident that your staff fully understand confidentiality?


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