Receptionists Training

The receptionist is the Ambassador for your organisation. First impressions are so important. Visitors to your organisation will form an impression within 3 minutes of entering your building.

2 thoughts on “Receptionists Training

  1. Hi

    We are opening an Urgent Care Centre in, London in Mid April.

    I am looking to train a small group of receptionists in basic life support and first aid on dates between 4th and 18th April. We do not have a base to do this training from so this would need to be provided.

    Please can you send me some info on your services with costs?

    Many thanks

    • Morning Rachael – thank you for your enquiry, unfortunately this is an area that I don’t do training. As you if you look on my main page that is the modules that I do
      In training – I am
      not qualified in training life support or first aid.

      Good luck with the new opening and if I can help in other areas of Reception Training please do not hesitate to contact me again

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