A simple Thank You #communication #friendship


On Saturday the post arrived and what looked to be a birthday card came through the letterbox.

Puzzled to what it might be and even wondering if it was delivered to the wrong address I went to pick it up quickly wondering if I had forgotten a special occasion as I knew it wasn’t anyone’s birthday in the house.

I pick up turned it over to see my name on the envelope. For that one split second I felt warm and fuzzy inside, the mystery of what was inside the pink envelope and what was it for.

I eased the card out of its envelope knowing that the mystery was about to be solved and hoping I wasn’t going to be disappointed.

The card was pink and had the most beautiful pink flowers and butterflies on the front. I still had no clue to who the sender was.

Without realising I held my breath as I opened the card and read the contents

“Thank you for being such a special friend

Your kindness, support and friendship over these past few weeks have been incredible

Lots of love C”

The card was from a friend who has recently lost a family member. I did as I would have done for any friend and supported her as much as I could. We live a good distance apart so this was done by telephone, face time and messenger.

She took the to do this and all while she was still grieving.  I was touched to receive the card and it made me realise just how much our friendship meant to her and how my support did in fact help her in hour of need.

So next time someone does something that you are grateful for let them know. Tell them how it made you feel, send a card if you think it’s appropriate and most of all remember to be that kind of person that people will want to send the card to




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