Happy Patients #guestpost

imagesCAUP3U1DThe guest post today is from someone I don’t personally know, but with her permission I would like to share it with you, and to stress how important it is to keep patients informed when the Doctor or Nurse is running late. Quite often patients are not annoyed at the delay in their appointments, it the “not knowing and lack of communication” that can quite often bring on frustration and anger.

By informing the patients that there is a delay you are taking away a possible frustrated patient coming to the desk demanding to know what is happening when their appoitment times has come and gone – it then too late the damage is  already done – the patient is angry and you as the Receptionist is more than likely to get the brunt of it.

Guest post:

“I had a Hospital apt today at Aintree Hospital here in Liverpool mum came with me, the clinic was running late. Billy the senior HCA was rushing around everywhere making sure everyone was ok and informed us all of the delay “no wonder he’s so thin he never stands still” mum commented. We went through from 1 waiting room to another and was again informed of the delay that there were 3 doctors on and were doing their best. Around 10 minutes later mum started nattering to the lady sat next to her, the lady said “there is a delay my apt was at 10:30am” mum “it is what it is, where would we be without our NHS”. No amount of waiting time is a problem for me or my mum if it means we keep our NHS, I am NHS staff myself and I love our care system its the best in the world and we should all fight to keep it. The poor doctor I saw had a packet of biscuits on his desk to keep him going, clearly working through his lunch”


I have previously written a post on keeping patients informed:

When The Doctor/Nurse is running late. http://t.co/Tlnpi4OD



2 thoughts on “Happy Patients #guestpost

  1. I couldn’t find an email to contact you, so hopefully this will be read! I’m a receptionist for my Dad’s company, so still fairly young. Recently, I was faced with an unhappy customer. It was a couple who was very polite and understood that it wasn’t my fault, but the predicament I was in was that the person I needed to “fix things” was off. The entire department in fact closes a few hours earlier than my own department. I am responsible for dealing with customers who come in after hours to pick up their stuff and pay. In this instance, the price on the print out I was left with wasn’t the price they had discussed with the staff in that department. To speed things up a bit, I called someone who told me what to do. They still were unhappy but said they would pay anyways. So the reason Im writing to you is to ask some advice. While I was talking to these customers, I wanted to let them know I understood their situation so I admitted that the department they were dealing with was having some issues recently with unhappy customers and I said we were working to try to solve the problem. Is it wrong to admit the department is having issues? I feel afraid the customers are going to rat me out when they take it up with the manager. Any advice?

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