What Does The Personality Test Mean – 2/6

The 5 minute personality test is written over 6 blogs – follow from blog 1 – 6 to see who you are most like!


Personality Test – What does it mean?

Now that you have taken the survey what does it all mean?

Each letter (L. O. G. B.) stands for a particular personality type. The column with the highest score is your dominant personality type while the column with the second highest scores reveal the most accurate picture of your natural inclinations, strengths and weaknesses, and how you will naturally respond in most situations.

The four personality types can be likened to animals







Read next blog on the complete descriptions of each one.


Previous blog:   The 5 Minute Personality Test (1) http://wp.me/p1zPRQ-vB

3 thoughts on “What Does The Personality Test Mean – 2/6

  1. this is really strange – I answered everything as honestly as I could and ended up being a joint lion/otter, followed just one point behind by a golden retriever, followed just one point behind THAT by the beaver! Which seems to indicate that I am ‘all things to all men!’ Not sure whether this is good or bad! But interesting – 🙂

    • oh dear – that wasn’t suppose to happen! It didn’t happen when a group of us did it yesterday, you must be one very special person to have all these qualities! lol

  2. Hm, my buddy took this and got Golden Retriever. Oddly enough he put “Loyal” as very low, and one of the defining traits of G is loyal!

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