Customer Care At It’s Best


We all hear about bad customer care and at times it can be unacceptable. But there are times when customer care is just great –  at its best. That one time that someone does something that makes your day by doing their job well and this can make so much difference to your experience whatever it might be.

Two different incidents over the past week spring to mind.

My husband and I had to go into town yesterday to get a new sim card for a phone I got for Christmas.

We went into the o2 shop and after a short wait a young assistant with a lovely friendly smile asked how she could help us.

And help us she did.

She was so helpful. She offered to transfer my data from my old phone into my new one, this took some time and saved me a lot more time trying to do it all myself later on at home, and she even transferred my husband’s data from his phone into my old phone (he was having my old iPhone). This took some time to do but she was more than happy to help. She chatted away the whole time and was really friendly.

She asked what package I was on and when I told her she informed me of a better package that I could go on,  she didn’t try to sell me a package that wasn’t suitable to me.

She gave me a few handy hints on using my new iPhone. She really couldn’t have been any more helpful.

She spoke about going into a local shop herself before Christmas and the awful customer service she had received and the fact that she would never use that same shop again. She then went on to say that her o2 give a lot of staff training and it’s mainly aimed at good customer service. It certainly showed.

I was most impresses with her attitude her kindness and the fact that she had saved me money in recommending a new package. Yes was doing her job – but she will doing it extremely well and with such enthusiasm.

I thanked her for her help and left. We were walking through the shops and I really was very impressed with her help and the fact that I was going to be saving some money because of her help I went into a shop and bought a small box of chocolates and took them back to the shop for her.

This isn’t something that I normally do, but on this occasion I was most impressed with the service I had got and how I was going to actually save money on the package she recommended.

She was serving another customer when I went into the shop, so I just said thank you and gave her the chocolates. I hope that I made her as happy with my gesture as she did me with her great customer service.

The second incident of good customer service was just before Christmas a friend of mine wanted to get his wife something special for Christmas. His wife wanted clothes and he didn’t want to do the usual and give her money in a card so he braved the shops with his 10-year-old daughter.

He went into a couple of ladies fashion shops and explained he was there to buy something for his wife – both of these shops were “reluctant” to advise on what to get but the 3rd shop he went into were more than happy to help – along with his 10 year old daughter they decided on several bits of clothing.

My friend was most impressed with the staff, taking the time to help and advise on what to get – and saying if they were not right his wife could return them after Christmas. The staff made what could have been a difficult shopping trip a very easy one.

As he left the shop with bags of clothes he seen the store manager and went up to him and said how helpful his staff were. The Manager was most impressed and he went and told his staff – the staff and the Manager all stood and clapped. They were delighted to have been given some positive feedback.

Everyone loves to receive praise or a thank you for a job well done.

If you get a good service do you speak up and say?

I am a firm believer in “Treat people as you would expect to be treated and you cannot go far wrong.”


“If you do build a great experience, customers tell each other about that. Word of mouth is very powerful”  — J. Bezos 


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