Do You Value Your Staff?


Through feedback on my blog, speaking to friends who are Managers and Receptionists and through training it always amazes me how differently employers treat their staff in various different ways.

I was chatting to a Practice Manager recently about training his Reception Team. It was uplifting to hear him talk so highly of his staff, and acknowledge the difficult role that they face at times.  He told me that he felt blessed with the Reception Team he has.

We discussed areas of training, and how we would approach this, and to work with the team to find ways forward in helping them in what can often be a very difficult role. His words to me were…………….

“I want to stress that we wish to assist them in their role and that we are building on an already excellent and valued team”

Music to my ears! A Practice that value their staff.

The Practice Manager and Partners have thought long and hard about supporting their staff in the way of training, and have invested an afternoon for the whole surgery to come together for a team building session.

From speaking with this Practice Manager it is evident that everyone at the surgery works together as a team, and this in turn gives the patients the services that their areas needs.

He acknowledges that his Reception Team are doing a great job, but as always there is room for change and perhaps some refresher in what cold be improved – not always clear-cut, but hopefully with some guidance and training this hopefully will help the team in their role and make their tasks easier and in turn help the patients receive a better service.

Nothing works better than a team working together.


I chatted to a friend today. She has worked in a GP Surgery for almost 6 years. She is one of those Receptionists that is loyal, has empathy, extremely hard-working and has great skills when it comes to dealing with the patients. She has exceptional skills in all areas of her role.

She has shared with me over the years of the problems she faces at her practice. There has been little support from her Practice Manager or partners. They never have any staff meetings, and there is never any staff training – despite staff asking for these in the past. In fact the last lot of training they did have they had to undertake this at home in their own time.

Not surprising they have had numerous members of the Reception Team leave steadily over the past few years – all because of the above.

Good staff leave, new staff are appointment and that results in more stress in the Reception area, training up new staff whilst still trying to keep the Reception area working as normal is not easy and it takes it toll on everyone – including the patients.

And still no support or training.

My friend sadly found that the job was affecting her health and with the lack of support she was find the job becoming extremely difficult, so she sadly gave in her notice at work.

She gave her notice to her Practice Manager in writing – which was accepted promptly without question. This in itself she found upsetting – she felt she should have been at least asked the reasons why she was leaving.

She said has she had harboured any hopes that she was worth fighting for; she would have found the way her notice was accepted very upsetting.

That same week other staff members handed in their notice – with the same acknowledgement.

I asked her how she felt, and her reply was she felt angry. She loved the role, and will miss her colleagues that she had worked with for so long and she felt she was letting them down at the same time, as many of them were devastated to hear she was leaving. She actually found them much more supportive than her Manager ever was.

She felt no appreciation for the 6 years of dedication and hard work that she had given to the Practice.

Good staff are hard to come by. Invest in your staff and everyone will reap the benefits. Patents, GP’s, Nurses, attached staff and the Practice as a whole.

Train the staff you have – help them do a good job even better – if you don’t you will still have to train, train new staff to take over a job that someone was doing perfectly well in the first place.

Talk to your staff. Do this through

  • Appraisals
  • Staff Meetings
  • Simply getting to know how your Reception Team work and identify their needs. How often do you as a manager interact with your team? As a Manager I would ensure that I would interact with my team throughout the day – if only for a few minutes at any one time. Just popping my head in the Reception area and saying Hi – just let them now you are there. As a Manager my door was always open to staff if they had a problem.

The secret to success is good leadership, and good leadership is all about making the lives of your team members better.

Well trained staff are confident staff and more than likely to do a good job and stay in a role if they feel appreciated.

Do you value your staff?


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2 thoughts on “Do You Value Your Staff?

  1. Such a sad contrast here. The role of the receptionist and sheer importance of the reception office cannot be overestimated. We are the gatekeepers, and the reception office is the hub. Everything, or almost everything flows into it and untold effort flows out! I am glad to hear that one practice at least acknowledges it is ‘blessed’ to have a good team of people, and is prepared to get behind them and support, train and appreciate. This practice will surely flourish. As it richly deserves… And this can only be good for the patients who use it.

    • Thank you for your comments and quite agree that the role of the Receptionist is most important and cannot be overestimated and I totally agree that by having good staff that are appreciated does actually shine through into the care for the patients.

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