A helpful Daily Checklist

 As a Receptionist the Reception area is your responsibility from the minute you start. There will be several things that you will need to do at the start of the day and also the end of the day. These will vary from each organisation.

It is a good idea to have a written checklist for the start of the day and the end of the day – especially when you first start in the role, often windows can be left open because you forgot that you should have closed them or other similar things.

For organisations that close at lunchtime they may also have one for lunchtime.

Having such a list is also a great help if someone is covering for you when you are on holiday or perhaps off work because of sickness. It will ensure that all tasks have been carried out as you would normally do. It will save on jobs not being done, and will in turn ensure that the Reception area is run smoothly – and a credit to you for organising this in your absence.

It just needs to be simple but it can be so effective and in the long run saves you so much time.

Here is an example of a checklist you could have and of course every Reception Area will have different tasks to carry out so you can design one to fit your organisation.

You can simply have a list and just follow that or you can actually tick off the list as you go along – some Receptionists keep a their list as some of their tasks only take place every other day or maybe once or twice a week.

The form is helpful for new Receptionists, Receptionists that perhaps do not normally work at the beginning of the day or the end of the day and for any member of staff that might be called on to help open or shut the surgery – this is more than likely to happen an emergency such as staff sickness and one of the management team will be asked to help out – believe you me they will be so grateful if they have such a list available on guiding them through on what to do.

I know from experience how I wished I had such a form when I started my role as a Receptionist – I worked with a particular receptionist who had no interest in training me for the role and therefore not always fully explaining on what should and should not be done. I therefore try to made things as easy for new staff and any staff that is training new staff – and the form is always a great hit.

You can make the list as simple or as complex as you like.


Daily Checklist




  • Put phones on and check answer machine messages.
  • Pass on any relevant messages
  • Put phone on night phone and put answer machine message on
  • Check Fax machines and distribute any faxes
  • Check fax machine has paper in
  • Ensure that visitors book is on reception and ready to use.
  • Check diary and action as necessary
  • Put visitors book away
  • Put diary away
  • Ensure that all patient information is locked away
  • Open windows if appropriate
  • Ensure all windows are closed
  • Ensure that Reception is tidy
  • Ensure you leave the Reception area tidy
  • Put Reception computer on
  • Put office computers on (if required)
  • Check Reception computer is off
  • Check office computers are off
  • Empty all rubbish bins in Reception into main bin
Mon / Thurs
  • Get confidential waste ready for collection at 11.00
  • Money from petty cash to pay milkman (remember to get receipt and put in petty cash)
When Used
  • Check Conference room is left clean and tidy
  • Check Conference room is left clean and tidy



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