How Secure is your Recepition Area


From personal experiences the reception area is pretty easy to gain access. A lot of Reception areas are easily assessable for everyone to get to – after all it is often the main hub of the Surgery.

But just how assessable is it? Is it secure enough that only people working in the Surgery can gain access – or is it open that anyone could gain access?

Do you have keypads on the doors into Reception? You might have but often these can be often left open for easy access.

Do you have fire doors that are wedged open? Again this is often the case.

Do you have windows that are open? Are they open wide enough that someone could climb in?

If you see someone who you do not recognise coming into your Reception area would you ask what they are doing there? How many times do you have people in your surgery that you do not recognise? They might be visitors or trades people – but it could also be a thief.

Do you have your handbag left lying around in Reception – perhaps under the desk that you are working at? Or do you have it somewhere secure that you leave your bag? If you do have a secure place to leave your valuables do you use it?

In my experience a lot of Receptionists will have their handbags lying underneath their desks.

Do you know that there have been several surgeries that have been targets of stolen handbags from the reception area?

In each case the thief took place when there were not many receptionists on duty. Either early morning, lunchtime or late evening when there might only be one or two receptionists working. Sometimes if a Receptionist has to go into see a doctor the reception area can actually be left unsupervised.

Have a look around your Reception area – count the number of handbags lying around then have a look at how secure your area really is.





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