Patient Care – Empathy

I watch a short 4 minute clip from you tube called Empathy from the Cleveland Clinic and would like to share it with you all. It really is worth a look. As a Receptionist working in a Doctors Surgery, a Healthcare Clinic or a Hospital it is a reminder that behind every person there is a story. The people in this film could have at one point spoken to you as a Receptionist on the telephone or at the desk. We do not always know what is going on in people’s lives. So perhaps if someone is a bit short or angry or out of turn with you or appears to be upset in any way they could be that they couldn’t get an appointment with the Doctor that same day, or angry that you cannot discuss their loves ones because of patient confidentiality, when people are upset, distressed and in pain they often hit out at others. They could have been someone in this film. Knowing how to deal with a difficult / upset person at the desk is so very important – and being able to turn a negative situation into a positive one.

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2 thoughts on “Patient Care – Empathy

  1. Ok I have just wept buckets! As a fellow human being with my own basket of hopes and fears, and as a GP Receptionist who has recently been told to deal faster with patients, and that ‘the needs of the population must override those of the individual.’ I cannot work like that. I want to treat people as I want people to treat me. This short film illustrated beautifully how everyone is living, often with huge courage, in their own story, yet we all connect. Thanks for the reminder. It’s the individual who matters. Has to. Nothing else makes compassionate sense.

    Thanks for sharing this.

    • you are very welcome – I must admit the short link brought a lump to my throat too and another reminder that we need to treat every single person as a individual and not a number. You are so right “treat peope as you would want to be treated” I have always said this.

      I think your caring nature shines through and your surgery and their patients are very lucky to have you.

      again, thank you for your feedback it is much appreciated.

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