Facebook Support Group For Receptionists / Administrators

Working for any areas of the healthcare industry can be extremely rewarding, exhausting and at times very frustrating. Hitting targets, keeping to budgets and following procedures and protocols on an ongoing basis while ensuring that your patients get the best possible service at all times can be often very stressful.

Often Managers, Receptionists and Administrators (and of course other healthcare professionals) can feel isolated and feel under pressure and at times also feel very unappreciated.

A Practice area that I worked at used to hold monthly Practice Managers Meetings. This would entail the Managers from all the local practices meeting up to support each other, share good practice and discuss any new policies and protocols that had come through from their local Health Authority. This group was invaluable to most of the managers. They didn’t feel alone, they always had some to share their worries and concerns with – and also to share with the others something that they had found that had worked well at their own Practice. We all had the same goal – to ensure that patient care came first and the best way to go forward with this.

This group worked extremely well. Although they only meet once a month the support didn’t stop there – they were always there to support each other via telephone and emails throughout the month. I as a manager used to enjoy these meetings and always found them to be very informative indeed.

From that I used to organise a quarterly receptionists meeting inviting one receptionist along from each practice in the area. We would discuss all issues around reception and it was amazing at what we could learn from each other. We would often recommend good training programmes that we had been on.

One Receptionist once said the good thing about the meetings was that she could take the good ideas away with her and leave the not so good ones behind. I had to agree – if every meeting one Receptionist took away one good idea away with her then the meeting was worth holding.

Sadly I am not involved in either group now. But I have found my blog to be supportive to many receptionists/Managers and it got me thinking………………………………..

I have decided not only to have my blog but to open a Facebook Page for all Receptionists/Administrators to come on and share their experiences. To ask advice on certain issues and just to chat about their roles and share good practice. Perhaps discuss and comment any of the blog that I have written on my blog.

My blog is read all around the world and it would be lovely to hear from everyone across the globe on their experiences working within the healthcare industry.

Is this something you might be interested in joining – if so please click onto FRIEND US ON FACEBOOK and this will take you to my page – I have a “Doctors Receptionist” link on the left hand side in “pages”

Hopefully we can support and share good practice.


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