Staff / Locum Introduction Form

A new member of staff arrives for their first day. Cast your mind back to your first day – even your first week – what would you put in place to have made it as smooth as possible?

Starting a new job can be daunting for someone – the easier it is made the quicker they will settle in and become part of the team.

Past experiences and talking to new members of staff I introduced a Staff Introduction Form that would be completed with the Surgery Supervisor and the new member of staff or Locum Doctor/Nurse on their first day.

It is amazing how many people are not shown where the toilets are or where the fire exits are and more important where the resuscitating equipment is located.

Does your new staff know where your resusciating equipment is located?

This list became so popular with new staff and Supervisors that we introduced a similar form for locum Doctors and Nurses to the practice.

Often a Locum will  arrive early morning and shown to their consultation room and nothing else – again  Doctors  really valued this form and found it very helpful indeed.

The importance of the form is that is it completed with the new member of staff – signed and dated by both the Supervisor and the staff member/locum.

One copy is kept on personal files and the other is given to the staff member or locum.

I am limited to how I can do the layout as this is down to the blog – but I will give some idea on what you should include in your form.

Name :
Position: Receptionist / Locum /other
Surgery Name: ***
Staff / Locum Signature Date
Location of Staff/Locum   Handbook 
Tour of Premises

  •   Internal   keypad code issued
  •   Fire exits
  •   Cloakroom


Introduction to Staff

  •   Issue name badge


Health and Safety

  •   Location   of First Aid Box
  •   Location   of Accident Book
  •   Fire   Procedures
  •   Location   of Fire Alarms
  •   Location   of Panic Button


Resuscitating Equipment  & Emergency   Trolley

  •   Location


Surgery Policy on calling 999 *** 
Important Note:

  •   Personal   belongings are your responsibility. The practice cannot accept liability for   loss or theft from the premises.
  •   Consulting   room doors must be kept locked with unoccupied.



Date: SignedSurgery Supervisor/ Manager SignedStaff / Locum

** If you have more than one Surgery you will need to complete a different form as the layout will be different

*** see previous blog on “Does Your Practice have a 999 Policy

It might not always be possible to get all the checks done on the first day so it is important that the form is signed and dated as each part is completed. This will also be a reminder to the Surgery Supervisor if there is still something outstanding.

You can add to your list to suit your own surgery – but try to keep it to the most important things – the new member of staff will soon start to settle down once they have the basics.

If your Surgery has policies and procedures make sure that the new member of staff is aware of where it is kept so they can go to that for reference if the need to.