Commitment to my Co-Workers




As a manager it is inevitable that you will at some stage have problems within your team.   

The roles as a Receptionist/Clerk/Secretary/Administrator in a Hospital or Surgery environment is most of the time very busy and can get pretty stressful.

Tempers will flair – and staff with have words. They usually will sort themselves out and carry on as usual. But there will be the odd argument that will fester and this can cause an upset within the team.  

At a Surgery that I worked at we certainly had our fair share – in particular with one group of about 4 ladies. We did eventually get the awful situation sorted out, but it took an awful long of man hours to do so, and of course it took even longer to build up the trust within the team that the incident had occurred in. We lost good staff that didn’t want to work in those situations. A bad atmosphere within a team affects everyone – not just those that have fallen out.

So, my Practice Manager at that time decided to include the statement below in the staff handbook – to which every member of staff had to sign. It did seem to have some impact.

What do you think?


As your co-worker with a shared goal of providing excellent service to our Clients, I commit to the following:

 I will accept responsibility for establishing and maintaining healthy Interpersonal relationship with you and every member of this staff.

I will talk to you promptly if I am having a problem with you, the only time I will discuss it with another person is when I need advice or help in deciding how to communicate with your appropriately.

 I will establish and maintain functional trust with you and every other member of this staff. My relationships with each of you will be equally respectful, regardless of job titles or levels of educational preparation.

 I will not engage in the 3 B’s (bickering, backbiting and blaming)  and will ask you not to as well.

I will accept you as you are today, forgiving past problems and ask that you do the same.

 I will be committed to finding solutions to problems rather than complaining about them or blaming someone for them and ask you to do the same with me.

 I will affirm your contribution to the quality of our service.

 I will remember that neither of us is perfect and that human errors are opportunities, not for shame or guilt but for forgiveness and growth.


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