Does Your Staff Wear Name Badges


Do you have name badges for your staff and what are the advantages of wearing them?

Wearing a name badge will help identify that they are a member of staff especially if your staff do not wear a uniform. These are especially useful in a large organisation like a hospital or a Nursing Home.

Why Wear A Name Badge?

Some staff are not keen on wearing a name badge but there are a lot of advantages of them doing so.

Discuss at interview stage that if they take the position that they will be required to wear a name badge.

Discuss with your staff at team meetings the importance of wearing their badges.

Think carefully before you decide what will be put on the name badges. For Receptionists and administrators I just have their first name and job title on the badge. Senior Management would have their full name and title.

Why just first names?

True Story

Many years ago I worked for the local council and we had to wear name badges which had our first name and surname on. One of the girls had an unusual surname and one of the customers took a “shine” to her – so much so he looked her home telephone number up in the telephone book and starting phoning her at home – he become so what of a nuisance and the police had to be called. The girl in question believed it was the name badge that had caused the problem.  

Another advantage for staff wearing name badges is to help all new staff. Have you ever been in the position where on your first day you are introduced to EVERYONE – and then the next day forget half of their names – even what their job roles are – there is nothing worse is there? Having staff wearing name badges helps in that situation and the new person soon gets to know who everyone is without having to keep asking “sorry! What was your name again?”

Name badges and uniforms can make your organisation look so much more professional.

Visitors / Contractors Name Badges

Anyone such as visitors or contractors that is going to have access to your Practice should be identifiable. They should be asked to sign the visitors / contractors book. This will be useful in the event of an evacuation – the visitor’s book will indicate people other than staff that are in the building.

It is important that when the visitor or contractor is finished in the building that they sign out in the visitors book and return the visitors badge.

Like staff visitors/contractors are easily identifiable. It is important that anyone that has access to your building has permission to do so.

As a manager would you stop someone in the building if they did not have a visitors badge on?

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