Preparing for your Meeting

Decide on your date. Look ahead; make sure it is convenient to most of the attendees.

Look at people’s days off and holidays that might be booked.  You don’t want to have a meeting with only half of the group there.

  • Book the meeting. Put the details in your diary. Book the meeting room if applicable.
  • Ensure that everyone is aware of the date. A reminder a couple of days before might also be a good idea. This can be in the form of a memo or an e-mail.
  • Put the date in your team’s diary – give them notice that you will not be in the office due to the meeting.
  • Ensure that you have all the appendices to the Agenda and read them!
  • Gather information you need and copies for other members where appropriate (sometimes having information in front of them is essential for them to follow – do they need to have read it in advance?)


  • Ensure that your information is well organised – you don’t want to be searching your papers for what you want.


  • Check your venue (if away from your company premises) and how to get there. Allow yourself travelling time. Do you need change for the car park?


  • Anticipate questions and prepare answers.
  • Allow time for questions and answers.



  • Bring appropriate stationary (pens, notepads etc).


  • Ensure you are not called out of meetings unless it is URGENT – it does not make you look indispensable – just disorganised.
  • Remember to switch your mobile phone off.
  • Familiarise yourself with the fire escapes as you will need to inform the participants of the meeting at the start of the meeting of where they are situated.


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