Effective Participation in Meetings

For those new to meetings or for those who want to improve their input, here are some tips.


Learn about the issues which are going to be discussed

  • Ensure that you read previous meeting minutes.
  • Any issues that you are unsure of speak to someone before the meeting this will save you either not understanding what is being talked about or having to ask it to be explained during the meeting – this will take up time and not be beneficial to others in the meeting.

 Listen to others during the meeting

  • Try not to interrupt anyone that is speaking during the meeting. If you have a point to raise please put your hand up – and you would be given a chance to speak when it is appropriate.
  • How would you feel if you kept being interrupted?

 Think before you speak

  • Before you raise a question or make a comment ask yourself if this is the appropriate time and place to do so?
  • Will you want your question/comment minuted?

Speak clearly and be brief

  • Speak clearly as there will be someone taking the minutes – and it is important that the right information is minuted.
  • Keep your questions/comments brief and to the point – meetings usually have a timescale and it is important that everyone has a chance to have their say.
  • No one enjoys a meeting that over runs – people lose interest

Do not be afraid to speak up

  • If you have a valid question or comment to make do be afraid to speak up.
  • Having a valid question or comment to make can be very important – it could mean a way forward for your organisation and perhaps your team.

Be reasonable, listen to other people’s points of view.

  • If you do not agree with another persons comments ask yourself if this if the time or place to disagree. Perhaps take some time, review the situation and if you still feel very strongly about it bring it up at the next meeting under “minutes of the last meeting”.
  • If you feel that the meeting is not the best place to disagree then perhaps talk to your manager about this before the net meeting and get a second opinion.
  • Remember not everyone points of view will be the same as yours!

Let go.  Even if you think a wrong decision is being made, in the end you may have to let this happen.

  • Sometimes you will disagree with someones decision – it might be something that you are unable to disagree with – you will have to learn to let it go.

When you have a meeting with Departmental heads you will often find a difference of opinion. After all everyone is there to get the best for their team, be it you for your Receptionists, The Lead Nurse for the Nursing Staff or the Senior Doctor for the Doctors or maybe the Practice Manager for her Management Team.

It is how you deal with this that will earn you points – listen to others points of view, offer a solution if you feel there is a solution – learn to work together as part of a team.



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