Passing A Verbal Message or Telephone Call

When putting a telephone call through to another person you must remember to do the following:

  • Always ask the caller’s name
  • Ask the callers company / nature of their call.
  • Take their telephone number if you feel that there might be a delay in putting the call through – that way if you get cut off you have a contact name and number.

When you put the call through to the person the call is for it is important to prepare them for the call by letting them know who it is on the phone and the nature of the call.

There is nothing worse that a person receiving a call from reception and just being told “there is a call for you” and the call is put straight through. The person receiving the call doesn’t know if the call is a member of staff, a customer, or a rep or a company just touting for business.  This always gets the call off to a bad start. .

The caller starts a conversation believing that the person taking the call is aware of whom they are because they have already given their details to the receptionist, they presume the receptionist has done her job and passed on this information to the person taking the call. There is nothing more embarrassing than half way through a call the person taking the call has to ask whom they are speaking to – and it is very unprofessional. Not a good impression to give!!

If you are phoning through to let someone know there is a visitor in reception remember to say that they are in reception. Often the receptionist will phone and say I have a Mr Jones to speak to you – they put the phone down and you get a dead line but you presume you have been cut off – and wait on them phoning back – but what really has happened is the receptionist means that Mr Jones is waiting in reception.

                                             REMEMBER: FIRST IMPRESSION

A caller will always judge your organisation by the service that they receive. A telephone call is quite often the first point of contact they will have with your organisation.


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