Wheelchair Users

A Wheelchair, like a shoe it is a  mobility aid that enables a person to get around.  Wheelchairs users are restricted by an environment that has been designed for able-bodied living.

Here are some important tips when assisting a wheelchair user:

  • How you can provide useful support to the wheelchair user
  •  When talking to a wheelchair user try to put yourself at their eye level.
  •  Never assume a wheelchair user needs assistance, always ask.
  •  If your offer of assistance is accepted, always listen to how your support can be more effective.
  •   Whenever possible talk directly to a wheelchair user if you require specific information, not the  person they are with.
  • Always maintain good eye contact.
  •  If you park next to a car with a disabled persons parking disc, leave at least 1 meter between cars. This space may be needed for loading and unloading a wheelchair.
  •  Offer assistance with heavy doors, but don’t barge in assuming you know best.
  •  Communicate with the wheelchair user at all times to establish if and how much support is needed.

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