Receptionist Training: Receiving A Telephone Call


ALWAYS answer the telephone promptly.  It may be urgent.

Apologise if there is any delay in answering

Give your company name, followed by good morning/afternoon/evening (some companies require you to give your name at the start of the call)

Identify the caller and the nature of their call and give them your full attention.

Listen carefully, concentrate and take notes. You will be expected to pass on messages and it is important that you get the information right.

Remember to get the caller’s name and contact details – even if you are passing the call on. It is polite to let the person you are passing the call to know who you are putting through to them.

Sound pleasant and interested – remember to smile – even on the telephone.

Indicate your understanding (check spellings of names / places if you are unsure). Remember confidentiality if you are on the front desk.

Answer clearly and concisely.

Ensure the caller understands the actions you will take and that you understand theirs.

Ensure the caller feels you have done everything to help them.

End the call as soon as possible – do not be drawn into long unnecessary conversations.

Ring back when you said you would – even if you do not have the answer for them,
acknowledge you haven’t got the answer – but will contact them again as soon as you have.

If the caller is hard of hearing do not shout – just speak clearly and slowly. Shouting can often distort your voice.

Eating is not allowed in the front desk. DO NOT answer the telephone when you have food in your mouth.

If the phones are ringing and you are by a phone that does not have a computer still
answer it, it might be something that can be dealt with quickly and without having to use a computer. If you need to use a computer then explain to the caller that you cannot deal with their query straight away and ask them would they like to hold or ring back or if you are able offer to ring them back – ensuring that you do. This way the caller has a choice. They don’t have a choice when the telephones are not answered!!!!!!!





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