Receptionists Training – What is Patient Identifiable Information?

Confidentiality Training – What is Patient Identifiable Information?

The principles of data protection are designed to protect confidential information about individual patients from being disclosed to those who do not need to know.

Patients can be identified using various personal details, along or in combination. Patient identifiable information includes the following:

  • SEX

A combination of one or more of these can be used to identify a patient.

Did you know that in some remote areas the Post Code alone is sufficient to identify an individual?

Only those who need to know should have access to Patient Information Do not disclose details about patients to those who do not need to know!

Think before you Speak!


6 thoughts on “Receptionists Training – What is Patient Identifiable Information?

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  3. Is a receptionist telling a third party that a patient has made a GP appointment and giving the date and time to them (without patient’s consent) breaching confidentiality

    • Oh definitely – under no circumstances should this be done. It is definitely breaking confidentiality. It of course if very difficult not to cause bad feelings by not giving the information out as it could very innocent – but there are different ways you can get around it – but always protect yourself and if you know it’s breaking confidentiality then explain to the person on the end of the phone why you can’t give them that information. There was an instance whereby a wife was in a local woman’s refuge and her estranged husband has found out when her next appt was at her surgery and he turned up causing a nasty scene. Ex partners and sometimes the ex partners partners have done the same and turned up causing unnecessary scenes at surgeries – people will use information for their own gain. But on the whole people are just trying to help someone else by getting the info.

      • Thank you. A receptionist told my partners ex who is her mother that he had an appointment and she was waiting for him. He doesn’t want to get the girl into trouble but it is a bad position to feel you cannot visit your long time and valued GP without this happening 🙂

      • Oh my goodness I am so sorry that happened. That was totally unprofessional on that Receptionists part and completely went against what training she should have had. I wouldn’t think twice about complaining about the incident – what will she do next – share his medical history with her. That is not on at all and I agree you should be able to go to your doctor in confidence. This is exactly why you do not share information with a third person. If you want to email me you please do

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