Arggggg – What next?

Friday morning I received a letter confirming my hospital admission date and time. Then I read further – the letter asked me to stop taking a certain medication a week before the operation – which would have been that day – only I didn’t recognise the name of the drug – so I looked it up and realised that this was a drug that was nothing to do with me – I had never been on it.

I wondered if the person that WAS on this drug had not been informed as our files had somehow got mixed up – so I tried phoning the secretary – only to get an answer phone
message – I left a message for her to contact me – I received no phone call back on Friday – so I would presume she does not work on a Friday – so if she does not phone back Monday it’s another call I will have to make.

THEN on from my previous blog The “Stick It” and My Credit Card it gets even worse.

When I withdrew my method of payment by Credit Card due to the Clerk putting my entire card details onto a stick it – I suggested paying by cheque. The reason she took all my credit card details was due to the transaction not being completed until the date of my hospital admission – some two weeks later.

When I offered to change my method of payment from the credit card to a cheque the Clerk confirmed that the cheque would not be presented until the date of admission – just like the credit card would have done.

But, she asked me to date it that day – but again confirmed that it would not be taken out for another two weeks. I even offered to pay cash on the day of my op  – but as I had to be in at 8.00 and their office didn’t open until 9.00 it would be too late to pay on the day (obviously payment had to be made prior to admission).

So, I gave her the cheque and she tore up my credit card details.

Yesterday I stopped for petrol on my way shopping –my card was rejected – so I had to paid on my other card. When I got home I checked my bank and found that the cheque had indeed been cashed and caused me to go overdrawn – I was fuming – and even worse it was Saturday and I had to wait until Monday before I could phone and ask WHY!

This has really angered me – why tell me the cheque would not be presented and then go and do it – fine if they presented it the day I gave it to them I would have made sure the funds were in the account to pay it – like I would have done when she said it was going to go in.

And, now I will have to make two calls Monday morning – one to the secretary and one to the hospital accounts department – both really nothing that was my doing.

I understand that mistakes happen – but when you are dealing with a) people’s heath and b) people’s money you need to ensure you get it right.

So, I am now wondering what on earth is going to happen next!