The “Stick It” and My Credit Card

I had an appointment today to see a consultant – It was a private appointment – something that I had to get sorted sooner rather than later and going private was my best option.

The hospital was small the staff very friendly. The consultant went through everything and his secretary gave me a date for my operation – 2 weeks time.

Armed with all the necessary paperwork I headed over the Bookings Office. The clerk took all my details, and asked for an initial payment of 125.00.

I gave her my credit card – she then said that payment would not be taken until the day of the operation.

She reached for a “stick it” and promptly wrote all my credit card details down on this little piece of sticky paper. But why not put it on a proper form to be added inside my file.

My heart sank – although I use “stick its” a lot – I certainly would not have used it in this instance. I didn’t feel happy about leaving my credit card details on this loose sticky piece of paper. I was actually gob smacked that this method was used in taking all my details
of my credit card.  My thoughts went to my blog on “Taking a Message” dated 20.7.11

In the blog I actually advised against using such a thing for the taking of messages or anything of importance – and to me my credit card was certainly important. This piece of sticky paper so easily could be lost with all my details on it.

Quick thinking – I spoke up and said that in fact I would prefer to pay by a cheque – which I did – and thankfully the small sticky piece of paper was torn up by the clerk.

What are your thoughts on taking messages on “stick its” do you think it is a safe enough?

2 thoughts on “The “Stick It” and My Credit Card

  1. i totally agree with you. the receptionist is fine but if the stick it accidently stuck to something else and then got into the wrong hands…….!!!!!!!
    i’ve been frauded twice so you cant be too careful.
    sensible lady!!

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