The Prescription

Following on from yesterdays blog I mentioned that many GP’s
have their own specialities in different areas. This can be very beneficial to patients at the practice and can often avoid having to be referred to a consultant at the local hospital.

One of the GP’s that I worked with Dr Paul was a right character. I have written about him
in previous blogs:

The Urine Sample  and

The Million Pound Cheque

Both are very funny and well worth a read.

I always enjoyed working with Dr Paul, he was fun, always time for a joke or two, and he
would always find time to answer any questions that we Receptionists might have
had. He was also extremely professional.  I learned a lot from him over the years that I
worked with him. If I ever a question about a certain drug, an illness that a
patient might have or just routine medical questions he would always explain it
in such a way that was easy to understand and he always made it interesting. I
have a lot to thank Dr Paul for – he was such a great mentor and very dedicated
to his job. He was the newest partner into the practice and also the youngest –
a breath of fresh air.

Dr Paul was always very popular with the patients – they liked his young outlook –they
liked the way he took time to explain everything to them and always gave them
the time they needed. But on the downside of that he surgery ALWAYS run late – and I don’t mean just 10 minutes late – often his surgery would run late by an hour or more. But what he did say was the most important patient at that moment was the patient that
was sitting in front of him – and that he would always give them the time that
they needed. And the patients all knew this – and those that thought the sun
shone out of him accepted that and would quite happily wait the hour or so to
see him. Of course there were the odd few that would not be happy – but if we
could we would always pre warn people just how late he was running. This went
against all the local Primary Health Care Trust guidelines that said that each
patient should be given a 10 minute appointment.

It could at times be frustrating for us the Receptionists – because if he was on a late
surgery (the evening surgery) we could quite often be there until way after our
finishing time – sometimes an hour late – as we had to ensure that everyone was
booked in and seen before we could shut up the Reception area and go home.

Dr Paul worked as a pediatrician (a Doctor that works with children) before joining the practice – and often would work shifts in the local children’s hospital. He was just great with the children – they used to love going into see them and he was just fantastic with
them – not many of them come out of his surgery without a sticker, or something
else that he might have had in there for them. He had so much time for the tiny
ones of the Practice.

And of course the parents loved him too, they loved him because he was great with the
children and they loved him because he talked TO the children and not over them
– he was just great with them.

One thing that did make me smile – when a child around 8 or 9 would go in with their mum or dad obviously unwell they might have a virus, flu or an infection. He would
give mum the prescription if the child needed one but he would also give the
child a prescription too – but what he would write on it would be something
along the lines of :

“This allows Billy Jones a week off tidying his bedroom due to him having a throat infection”


“This allows Elly Howard a week off doing the washing up due to her having a virus”

 The children would come out of his surgery clutching their “prescriptions” and mum or dad would come out with a smile on their face. What more could you want after
seeing the doctor? Medicine in itself!

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