Employers – Please Give A Thought To Those That Apply For Your Jobs

I was on twitter this morning and read this message that was posted from a friend. It said:
“Well I guess it’s a day of trawling job websites and applying for jobs I’d prob not even hear back from!!”

I know exactly how they feel.  And how many more people out there feel exactly the same.
What does sadden me is the amount of employers that just don’t get back to you once you have sent in your CV. Do they not realise the stress that it causes – waiting on the post daily, checking your emails umpteen times a day – you can’t put closure on a job application until you know either way – either you have an interview or you don’t.
I have worked in HR and I know the amount of applications that you can get on a daily basis when you advertise a new post. BUT I always replied to every single person that applied. My motto is :
  Always treat people in the way that you would want to be treated – with Respect!

These days all its costs is a bit of time – and can also save time in the long run. Most people apply by e-mail or if they send in their CV they have an email address added.
So, PLEASE employers why don’t you just sent a basic “thank you” reply to the email address a few simple lines and just say thank you for your CV – if you have not heard from us within a month you have been unsuccessful at this time.

       Job done!

Then the people at the other end of the email can put that one aside knowing that

a)      You actually received the email / CV in the post
b)      That is has been seen and dealt with
c)       If they do not hear anything within a month it’s time to let that one go and put it                    behind them.
I have seen recently for myself how such a mess it can become and how easily it could have been avoided.
A company that I worked for recently had a large volume of CV’s coming in on a daily basis. Some days there could be over 100 – it was a new company and there were several positions being advertised.
The CV’s would come in via email, the daily post and people were coming in with them in person. They were all kept and given to HR – whom I might add was pretty rushed off their feet at this time. But the CV’s were just not being dealt with any particular order. Of course they were being looked at – and those that were suitable were being called in for interview.

It was those that were not suitable that was just left – until the applicants were either sending them in again via email – or posting them in and saying that they had already sent them in via email and wondered if they had been received  – or those that had sent them in by post where now sending them in my email. Can you see the mess it was all getting in?

Then the phone started to go mad – applicants were phoning asking if we had received their CV as they had not heard anything – this took time to sort out – trawling through CV’s to find their one. Or because there were so many we were actually asking them to re send them again – so the CV’s just grew and grew and grew.
What would be the best solution?  Simple – as each and every CV came through the door, or via email it should have had some sort of response. Politely explaining that it was very busy – and we would be in touch if their application was successful. If they had not heard within a month then they had not been successful.
How easy would that have been? And I know it would have taken up a lot less time in the long run.
Result = people would have been informed what was going on. HR would have not had so many duplicate CV’s coming through and the best one of all the company would have gained a good reputation for being on the ball and getting back to people.
So anyone out there that is in charge of job application – PLEASE think of the people who are applying. Don’t have them waiting for fresh air!

Your company can often be judged by the way you treat people. Ignoring applicants can often lead to a bad impression. Give your company the right impression and acknowledge the people who have taken time to show an interest.