Receptionists Training: The 4 P’s Of Telephoning



  • ALWAYS have a pen, message pad or notebook ready when you answer the phone. There is nothing more annoying to a caller than having to repeat something twice.
  • ALWAYS aim to answer the phone within 5 rings.
  • ALWAYS have a list of telephone numbers available. You will be asked at some point for a telephone extension number or an external telephone number.




  • ALWAYS have up to date information on your surgery/organisation available and not just your department.
  • Callers will expect you to have the answers.
  • ALWAYS have internal telephone numbers available (where ever possible) to give to the caller in the event that you cannot put them through.
  • ALWAYS have information available that the caller might require.

–           Local hospital

–          Local social services

–          Local taxi service




  • Know policies / procedures and protocols of your organisation.



  • Ensure you know who is responsible for what within your team, and who to refer the caller to.
  • Know when team members are in or out. There is nothing worse than putting a call through to an empty room – the caller will only end up coming back to you – or even worse having to call back. This leads to an unhappy caller.


Know fully about your organisation, its procedures and services, and be able to deal with customers confidently and positively.

REMEMBER: YOU are the ambassador of your organisation.

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