The Urine Sample

The Urine Sample

At the start of my Career as a Doctors Receptionist I had some of the most memorable times. I loved working with the other receptionists and everyone else connected to the Surgery. Especially the patients – we had regulars good and bad but I love the rapour that I developed with these people over the years.

The Doctors and Nurses were lovely to work with – one Doctor was a exception to the rule, Dr Paul  – he was a fantastic Doctor, great with children. Patients just loved him. Nothing was ever too much trouble for him and he was always there to answer any questions as Receptionists that we might have – I learnt a lot from him during my time at the Surgery. And the best of all was he had a wicked sense of humour – we all had some good laughs when he was around. But he was a nightmare at timekeeping!

This time was before scanning and filing of all note were done by hand – and believe me it was the biggest part of our job – but also a very important role – these are letters/results/reports regarding patients so it was imperative that they were filed in the correct patient notes.

Summer was upon us – we were short on staff in Reception due to holidays – the filing always took the hardest hit when we were short staffed. My daughter was in her last year at school and I was lucky enough to get her some hours at the Surgery doing some filing. It helped her earn a bit of pocket money and certainly helped us in Reception. Everyone happy!!

One of the nurses was in the middle of doing a reflexology course and she would often bring in some aromatherapy oils for us to place in reception.

Being a Surgery the obvious thing to hand to put them in would be a urine sample pot – just right for holding the oils. This would be placed in the middle of the desk in our working area so we would all get the benefit.

Now… let’s picture the moment….. my daughter was busy filing – she was very shy and didn’t really chat much – after all this was her first time working in an office environment. But she was doing really well. She was a bit in awe of the Doctors and wouldn’t say boo to a goose in those days.

In Walks Dr Paul – he spots the urine pot with the aromatherapy oils in – spots my daughter filing away and turns to me and winks!!! He picks up the pot – holds it up to the light looking at it closely brings it back down again – then sticks his finger into the pot and then puts the finger into his mouth – then turned to me (my daughter at the point is just gobsmacked) and said …………………………… Yep – just as I thought – Mrs Smith has definitely got a urine infection – can you phone her and ask her to come in to see me.

You should have seen the look on her face. It was priceless!


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