Saturday Nights In A and E

Saturday Nights In A&E


Being a single mum to two girls and having no support from my ex it was down to me to support the three of us. I worked Monday to Friday in a Doctors Surgery and Weekends for the GP Out Of Hours Service. This is the emergency cover that your Doctors Surgery gives evenings and weekends when they are closed.


I worked a shift on a Saturday and one on a Sunday – often more if there were other receptionists away sick or on holiday.  I worked alongside the duty Doctor on Call. Although we worked for the Out of Hours service we were based in the local A&E Department.


I enjoyed this role so much – I worked with some lovely Doctors – who were more laid back doing these shifts than they would be working in their normal surgeries.


I also worked with some lovely people who worked extremely hard in the A&E department. I have and always will respect these people for the work that they do. I worked very closely with the Receptionists and was accepted as part of their team. I was honoured to be included in all their social events.


In the earlier days the Out Of Hours Doctor was quiet – so I would help the girls out on the A&E reception desk. I would help file, make the tea and help patients if they needed anything.


The “emergencies” came through another section of the department so we actually only dealt with the “walking” wounded. I cannot tell you what I seen and learnt during those years I was there. It certainly opened my eyes to how some people live their lives.

I will respect the patients that came into the Department – I will not identify anyone or use any names in the stories that I tell. These stories are true but unidentifiable.


I will say that some nights working in A&E were better than having a night out – I have never laughed so much as I did working there. We had some lovely patients through the department – the odd ones that would kick off and obviously there were some very sad stories too. But all in all the time I worked there the funny stories far outweighed the sad stories.


I will start with the “most used appliance” for a man seeking pleasure……………………………… a Dyson Hoover. This was confirmed by the Doctor I was working with – apparently men  get a lot of satisfaction from a Dyson – and it’s not the housework they enjoy!! They seemed to be a regular occurrence in A&E.


There are so many stories to tell regarding “aids” used by everyday “normal” people. Just a shame they get into difficulty and have to seek help!!


Another story. One Saturday night a young couple came in – she was about 20 years old and he was no older – he was the patient – she did the talking as it was apparent he was in far too much pain to talk! He was crying in pain – the receptionist rushed over to help and took the details why the young man tried to sit down – it was the receptionist’s duty to log the problem – this helped prioritize each patient. Apparently he had a problem with thrush and reached for the cream in the dark and by mistake reached out and grabbed deep heat and rubbed that onto his meat and two veg. Poor lad. He really was in a lot of pain.


Another Saturday night around 8.00 a gentleman came to the desk – he was clutching his ear and I could see blood through a tissue he was holding. He was also clutching a plastic sandwich bag with something in it. The Receptionist asked what the problem was. He replied that he had been working away from home, back after being away for 4 months and him and his girlfriend was making love. She was nibbling his ear when she had an orgasm and bit his ear – right off! This was what was in the plastic bag. He was in good humour seeing what has just happened. He was seen and referred on to the plastic surgeon team. He seen the funny side of it and went on his way.

I really did meet some lovely people working in A&E – staff, patients and visitors. Working as a receptionist in a Doctors Surgery and a Receptionist in a A&A Department is so very different  – but I loved both of these roles so much.

I will bring you different stories from my days in A&E from time to time. Working in A&E you never knew what lay ahead of your shift.


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